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This is a partial list of

documents I regularly notarize but not limited to:

Adoption papers - Domestic and International    

Advance Health Care Directives

Affidavits of all types

Affirmations/Oaths Administered

Auto sales

Background records

Bank Forms

Birth Certificate Requests

Certificates of non-marital status

Certified copy of Power of Attorney “A certified copy of a power of    attorney that has been certified by a notary public has the          same force and effect as the original power of attorney.”           (Probate Code section 4307)

Certificates of Authentication

Child Custody Agreements

Citizenship, Affidavit of

Copy Certification by Document Custodian

Death Certificate Requests

Deeds of Trust

Deposition/Identification/Oath Services   (This service is provided    with me present and the attorney/judge can be in person, on    video, or on the telephone.)

Diploma, Manuscript, Thesis

Divorce/ Dissolution Papers/ Marital Agreement

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) records and title documents

Domestic Partner Paperwork

Documents bound for a foreign destination

Durable Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

Grant Deeds

Health Care Directives

I-9 Remote Employee Forms

Identification, Proof of

Jurat with Affiant Statement - Notarizing a written statement you    want notarized

Letters of Explanation

Living Trusts, Family Trusts, Estate Planning

Medical Reports

Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Mortgage/ Loan Documents of all types

Oaths/Affirmations Administered

Parent Authorization Letter for Minors

Passport related documents

Permission to Travel with Minors Letter

Permission for Minor to Travel with Accompanying Adult(s)

Power of Attorney and Certified Copies of Power of Attorney

Probate and Other Legal Matters

Proof of Identification

Quit Claim Deeds

Real estate purchase, sale, and refinance

Signature by Mark, Witness Statement

Statutory Durable Power of Attorney

Support Affidavits


Travel Documents

Trust Documents

Uniform Statutory Power of Attorney

Vital Records Requests

And more...

I accept emailed documents and print them out for you.

> What I do not notarize <

Incomplete documents.

Copies of Birth, Death or Marriage records.

In the State of Oregon a Notary cannot notarize the copy itself. However, I can notarize a Copy Certification of Document Custodian form. Give me a call and we can discuss the details. This form certifies that the copy is a true copy of the original. The original must be presented along with the copy or we can make the copy together.

I am not an attorney.

Therefore, I cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters concerning any transactions or documents.


~ What I can do for you ~

  1. I am authorized to notarize any document that requires notarization.
  2. Full Service: Print documents you email to me, take them to the client’s location, have them sign documents and notarize them if need be, retrieve items, courier the paperwork to another location including the county clerk for recording deeds, scan executed papers to you and drop them at UPS/FedEx to return them to you. Give me a call to discuss the details.

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