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“Hi Belinda, it was a pleasure to meet you!  I was highly impressed with your professionalism, knowledge of your domain and the level of service provided for one of our most valued clients! I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for you and I’ll absolutely call you again should we have Notary needs in this area!  W. Emery

“Belinda made time on short notice for our small emergency. I feel a little silly writing a review, in the midst of a veritable multitude of glowing professional recommendations from banks, hospitals, title companies, real estate developers and sellers, and many who have become grateful to her for her 

expertise and professionalism.

I would like to add, on her behalf, that when she walked into our home, everyone in the house was uplifted. There were no protocols here, and although Belinda had her own, she made us comfortable in our own home. She is highly skilled at illuminating the focus of the gathering and accomplishing the achievement. At which time she has the Great Good Fortune of putting her own stamp of approval on the finished package.

It was a pleasure for us all to meet her yesterday, and as she left, we felt as if we had been visited by a very gifted and special human. Thank you once again, Belinda.”

Linda Leigh Paul

“I've been a loan officer for 5 years and I was impressed with Belinda's punctuality, attention to detail, and professionalism. It's refreshing to work with someone who cares about the job they do and realizes the importance of a positive attitude.”  Jeff Weiss

“I am a Mortgage Banker who attends all my signings, but this was the first time I immediately approached Belinda and requested her business card right after signing. I was amazed of how she went above and beyond her role as a notary. She was knowledgeable and very efficient with the signing. Normally, it is a very cold and sometimes stressful environment during signing, but her system and process made it flow so well. I look forward to working with her again.”  Hong Nguyen

Escrow for our Sacramento borrower was in southern California so the escrow officer commissioned Belinda Davis for the signing. Belinda was wonderful. She communicated with lender, escrow and borrower every step of the way. She reviewed the loan package before the signing and called to clarify a couple of things, let us know when the signing was completed and returned the loan package to lender in a very timely manner. Because of Belinda'’s excellent service (and during the busy holidays) we were able to close the borrower'’s loan on time. Thank you, Belinda. We will keep you in mind for future notary needs. Robbi E.   Bank of the West

   I wrote and thanked Robbi for her kind words and she said, “You’re very welcome, Belinda.  You really were awesome and we wouldn’t have gotten the loan closed on time if it weren’t for your amazing services.” 

A phone call to me: “We recently had two separate borrowers call in to compliment you on the service you provided them at their signing. We want to share this with you and thank you for being a professional we can count on and who does such an exemplary job. Comments like this make us very happy.” Title Source

“Belinda was awesome! She was very professional and available at the last minute with no hesitation. We will definitely use her in the future!”

Escrow Officer, Tina Morcomb

“The notary, Belinda, came to do our loan documents. She was extremely professional and pleasant. We give her an ‘excellent’ rating.”  A.B. and R.B.

“You completed everything in a timely manner. I am very happy to have had you work on my loan.”     Mark Bradshaw

You were very professional and explained all the material clearly. Thank you! Hope they send you next time. Lauri and Brian S.

“I would have to say our recent refinance transaction had been a nightmare up until the point we were contacted by Belinda. Her smooth Southern accent and warm conversation won us over immediately. There was a hiccup in the numbers on the papers and she referred us to our loan officer to get the answers. She even got our loan officer on the phone for us. There was a bright spot in our loan process after all - Belinda.”  Joan Lewis

“I was very pleased with the assistance Belinda gave me during the signing for the re-fi of my house. I ran into a discrepancy, which she immediately called the lender about and I got resolved. A second problem arose and she was very helpful, allowing me to go online to check my accounts and then to write (and copy!) a written response to the mortgage company. She was very personable and had everything that needed signatures organized well. Thank you!”  Nancy Nissen

I live in Texas and Belinda helped me take care of business in California. She is professional and the experience was smooth and positive. I will definitely use Belinda again. Karen H.

Belinda was very wonderful to work with. Documents signed perfectly and back to me even though It was short notice. Wendy Manlow

“Belinda came to our home to take care of our loan papers. A nice mix of visiting and paper work. We have never purchased a home before. She told us what the document was she was handing us, hit some highlights (the stuff we were concerned about) and it did not take forever like everyone told us it would. Between our cats trying to take everything out of her bag and the dogs each wanting to lie on her feet she stayed on task and we have a new house to move in to.” Constance B

“Belinda was on time and very nice to visit with. She is efficient and well organized. She handed us the paperwork stacked in an offset way that made signing them so easy and understandable.  We own many properties and have been refinancing them all. She is the best notary we have encountered. She is also the only one who actually had us take an affirmation. Not once have we been offered an affirmation or oath of any kind in all our dealings with notaries. We even had a choice of oaths. We were surprised yet pleased with this turn in the way the process unfolded. Thank you Belinda. You guys out there reading this would be wise to hire her.”  J. Marler

“We finished refinancing our home for the first time in 20 years, so this was the first time we had a notary come out to our home and we were very fortunate to get Belinda. She work with our schedule and spent the time it took to explain about the 100 plus pages of documents we had to review and sign. Belinda was very organized and very personable. We would recommend using her as a Notary. Thank you,” Mike & Deb Broadfoot

“Belinda is The Notary To Call. We were refinancing our house and she had to come out three different times at no fault of her own. She was as nice the third time as she was the first. Patient and professional.” Apple Compton

“Our experience with Belinda was very smooth and pleasant from start to finish! Best signing experience ever! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. Great Notary Signing Agent.”  DSL

“Belinda was great & very joyful to work with.”  A. Bledsoe

“Thank you so much for being there. We both mentioned how comfortable it was, felt like we had known you for years. I will be more than happy to give you an excellent review. I will surely use you again when needed and will recommend you to who ever asks for a notary. Great job, thank you again.” F & C

Belinda was wonderful to work with. I would refer her to any of our clients and plan to use her again in the future.

Debbie M, Lincoln, CA  

Excellent notary. Very professional, timely, courteous and kind. I have used her services twice and both experiences were pleasant.  Daisy Piatt

“I called Belinda for two papers I needed notarized. She was on her way to another appointment and called me back just as promised. We met at McDonald’s of all places. It was right by my apartment and she was okay with it.”  Betsy W.

“We were surprised to find a notary that works late. We procrastinated in taking care of our papers and Belinda saved the day. We'll use her again!” :o) Diana

“Belinda was wonderful! Very pleasant and professional demeanor, she was thorough, but made the process quick and painless. She also has competitive pricing for her mobile services and offers multiple payment options. I would highly recommend her services.” Randi Radabaugh


“All around outstanding!” Sam and Andrea D.

“Belinda is top notch! Professional and knowledgeable. Amazing to work with.” Deborah L.L.

“Don't look any further.…. call Belinda if you need anything notarized. Because we live 300 miles away she was able to coordinate a notary meeting with a person who lived in Sacramento who was often unavailable and hard to reach. She made it happen! Without Belinda's help we risked the chance of not having this crucial document signed. We will be forever grateful for her valuable services. Not only is she professional, Belinda is kind hearted and takes challenges on as though they were her own. In the future we will have additional documents to be notarized and signed. We can rest at ease that she will take care of our every need. We are so happy that we found her!!!”

    I thanked Jennifer for her kind words and she wrote,

“I am glad that you like my review, (on Yelp) but you deserved an excellent one. You deserve to be praised for the "magic" that you do! Best wishes, Jennifer"

I highly recommend The Notary To Call. Belinda was not only professional and accommodating but she was also kind and compassionate. Her prices are very reasonable and she went above and beyond to help me.
I have worked in politics and for the Legislature for over 20 years and have never encountered some who was so efficient and effective. Leslie Rodriguez

Doing business with Belinda was professionally gratifying, and I would most definitely recommend her services to any of my colleagues and acquaintances. She arrived prompt to our mutually agreed meeting place after working hours. Belinda arrived professionally prepared with everything she needed to secure notarization on all qualified points by the most current State of California code. She performed the notary service with attention to detail. Additionally, Belinda's price structure was competitive.

Anthony Harrison

Belinda is the best.....I had a situation which that I was in North Dakota and I needed to have my brother in law had to sign a document after his and my husband's mom had passed away. I contacted Belinda after finding her on an internet search. She was amazing, she was quick to answer my questions and she was able to work with our situation. Her fees were very reasonable for the necessary service she provided to us. We had been working on getting this done for over 3 months and working with Belinda we had it done within a few days of contacting her. Once we got the paperwork emailed to her she we got an appt for her to go to my brother in law's in less than 24hours and had the signed paperwork back within an hour of the signing. If you need need this type of service she will get it done with professionalism and promptness. I highly recommend her. Lisa Trottot

“Excellent Notary. She was friendly, professional, and had my POA signed quickly. I will use her again for sure. “

Chris Fuselier

We used Belinda's notary services and she was a true professional! She kept all the parties updated on the status of her service and even went beyond the call of her duty by allowing us to pick up the notarized document while she was on vacation. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a mobile notary service!

Vicky C.  

“Appreciate your professionalism and the care you took with us and our Aunt Joan” Leslie R.

Ms. Belinda Davis with The Notary to Call supported me and my staff with notarization services as we awaited our notaries' commissions. These services were needed most of the time within short notice and Ms. Davis made these interactions smooth and effortless. Every single time I needed her services she responded to my phone calls immediately and she would set expectations of the timeframe she would be at my location. Ms. Belinda Davis was professional, punctual, reliable and friendly to my staff and our customers. I recommend The Notary to Call for all notary services!

R. R. - Wells Fargo Bank

“THE NOTARY TO CALL, the name says it all!!!! After a three month search for a reliable Notary, I found Belinda. In addition to being reliable, she has been professional, friendly and an overall joy to work with. Thank you and I look forward to working with you today, tomorrow and in the future.” Wendy Johnson, State of California

"I have known Belinda for 5 years now and she has always garnered the respect of everyone she meets. Her ethics are beyond reproach and I would not hesitate to call on her for notary services as well as recommending her to others as I have.
Not only is she one of the most professional people I have known she is also one of the most caring and she brings that to her business in a way that makes you feel comfortable and trusting. When you hire her, you know instantly you've made the right decision. If you need a notary, don't give it a second thought. Call her. You will not be disappointed I guarantee it."  Robert Saxe - Realtor

Great same day service! Marilyn V.

“I have had to have documents notarized many times in my life. I must say though, Belinda Davis is the best Notary going. She actually administered the oath/affirmation and the last two Notaries I used never did that. She knew the form I needed was not acceptable to the State of California and attached the paperwork I needed. She even had it right there in her briefcase to draw out and use. Talk about prepared! Her office-in-a-brief-case was impressive. And get this, she even spoted a blank area on my document I had overlooked. Thank goodness for that. I'll use her again in a heartbeat.”  Brenda Graham

“Belinda is the first notary we call when we have a loan to assign in the Sacramento area. She is conscientious and thorough. We never have any issues with her work and a bonus is she is great to visit with.”  Christine J.

“Belinda was great!!! Very personable & friendly. No answering machine, arrived when she said (9:00 PM), and although a complicated document to me she knew exactly what to do. Trust me I know a hard working person when I see them and Belinda will go the extra mile for you.”  J Fazio

“Belinda did a great job in notarizing our doctors' signatures on medical reports for our upcoming adoption. She was prompt, professional, + her rates are reasonable.”  Grant L.

“My folks recently refinanced their home and needed the assistance of a Notary. They were fortunate to have Belinda Davis helping in the signing of the paperwork. Belinda was timely, very pleasant and efficient. We were very pleased with her thoroughness. Belinda is a professional and I would recommend her for anyone looking for Notary services.”  Phil Neumann

“Our home purchase has been a nightmare from beginning to the end. Well, not the end. Belinda redeemed the whole ordeal. She is so nice and yet professional. You can tell she has been doing this a long time. She is the only bright spot in the process.”  Cathy W.

“Belinda was extremely professional and pleasant. We give her and ‘excellent’ rating.”  A.B.S

“Belinda told me prior to the meeting what she would need from me. She arrived at my house in the evening at the precise appointment time and presented the stack of refi documents, separated for easy signing.”   Kim B.

“Belinda was professional, prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. She was very accommodating considering a lot of last minute changes on my end. Overall, Belinda was one of the best parts of my refinancing process.”   

Jen Breese

“Belinda arrived at our house on time and was well prepared with our documents and all of the items needed for signature. She was helpful in explaining the overall requirement for so many documents to sign. She was courteous, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I would recommend her to others requiring a Notary.”    Joe Accurso

“I have to say that I may be a little biased because Belinda is my wife. What I can say about her is that she is very dedicated to what she does. She studies all the time. She is concerned about her reputation among her clients. She is very detail oriented. She reviews to make sure it is done right. You can't go wrong by calling her.”  Rick Davis

Belinda provides excellent, professional, and courteous service. She has fair pricing and is on time… which are all qualities I value.   Teresa W  

Thank you for visiting my site.

Please email me with any comments concerning my services you would like to share with the world.

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Do you require a language other than English? I have a list of notaries who speak other languages. From Spanish to Punjabi. Hopefully I have one who can help you out. Please understand these notaries have to travel a distance at times and do require an additional fee.